The riding group

LARS has its very own riding group held at Lund Civil Riding society (LCR), in which only LARS members are allowed to ride in. The lesson is discounted compared to the regular riding groups held at LCR, a huge bonus for us students! There are only 8 spots available each time and the cost for riding in the riding group is 328 SEK.

The riding group is held on Fridays, 3 PM (assembly 2.15 PM) and you pay by swish or bank transfer ahead of the riding lesson. The payment details are provided to you when you get a spot in the group. To be able to ride in the group you have to be a member in Studentlund and become a member in LCR, read more about becoming a member under the tab “become a member”.

How do I sign up?


You register (one lesson at a time) from week to week and the ones who register first will be given the opportunity to ride in the riding group.

  • The registration for the week’s riding lesson opens Monday evening 7 PM, any registrations before that will be invalid.
  • To register you will have to fill in a form, which is sent out in connection with the riding group e-mail (on the Sunday before).
  • The registration is binding.

What previous knowledge do I have to have?


To be able to ride in the riding group you will have to be capable of riding the horse in all three gaits. There are two levels, one basic and one advanced. The basic level corresponds to Ryttarmärke 3 at LCR. You need to ride in the basic level group at least once, and get the “go-ahead” from the instructor, before riding in the advanced level group. The advanced level corresponds to Ryttarmärke 5 at LCR.



  • Equipment
  • Your own helmet.
  • Clothes suitable for riding, no hoodies allowed.
  • Shoes with a heel (jodhpurs) and short chaps, alternatively riding boots.
  • LCR allows you to ride with a whip, but spurs are not allowed on the school horses.

Rules and routines


For our own safety, it is important to follow the rules and routines set on LCR. Before you ride in the riding group you ought to read through the ”rules and routines”, read them regularly in case something has changed. You can also read LCR’s “safety and riding arena rules”.


The planned term


The theme for the lesson is provided in the riding group email. We alternate between dressage, groundwork and jumping.


Any questions regarding the riding group?


Then you’re welcome to send an email to