Hall of Fame

Winner of
LARS-Cup Showjumping


2022: Alice Andersen

2021: Anna-Lena Johansson

2020: Anna-Lena Johansson

2019: Stina Fridlund

2018: Sara Lundberg

2016: Linnea Algotsson

2015: Daniel Bell

Winner of
LARS-Cup Dressage


2022: To be held autumn 2022!

2021: Felicia Mågård

2020: Felicia Mågård

2019: Julia Salvall

2018: Stina Holm

2017: Lisa Hollsten

2016: Emelie Renman Åquist

2015: Emelie Renman Åquist

Medal of Honor


At the annual inspectors’ dinner, the board has the opportunity to award a medal to a person who is considered deserving of it.

2018: Caroline Stern Olsson and Emilia Löfgren

2018: Lena Malmqvist and Annahita

2016: Malin Magnusson

2015: Amanda Lindskog & Hillevi Eilard

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