Party and Activity

A large part of LARS’ business is not only horses but also parties!

– LARS has several activities both with and without alcohol during the semester for our members.



We meet up for an after-ride and have a beer, some nice food and (for those who want) take over the dance floor. We book a table at a student pub or, when the weather permits, hang out in the City Park or the Botanical Garden.


Get to know LCR

For those who are curious about starting to ride at LCR and in our riding group on Fridays (more information here (link)), we invite you to a tour of LCR’s facility. Meet us on the board, get to know the facility, meet our beloved horses and ask all the questions you have! After the tour, we´ll watch the riding lesson and have a coffee.

It is a fantastic opportunity to meet members of the association and get to know the riding club!


Friday “fika” at LCR

A few times each term we meet up in the café at LCR and have coffee, inform about what is happening in the association, but most of all talk and enjoy being in the stable. The coffee is always on Fridays and is after the riding group, perfect to fill up with energy after a lovely riding lesson. All members are welcome, regardless of whether you ride in the riding group, are just a member or are interested in hearing more about LARS!


Sittings (Sittningar)

As a tradition, every year LARS hosts three sittings. In addition to that, there is often some extra sitting at a “nation”, of course with an after party at a club. Read more about our recurrent sittings below.



LAOS, Lund’s Academic Officer Society is our dear partner association. Together with LAOS, we have had our beloved LARS/LAOS ball for many years. The ball is held once in the spring and once in the fall. In the spring, LAOS is responsible for a day’s activity, often loosely inspired by the military, and LARS is responsible for the cooking. In the fall, the roles are reversed and LARS is responsible for a horse-riding day activity and LAOS cooks dinner. The sitting in the evening is held in LAOS’ own premises in AF-borgen, Mässen. Dinner is followed by clubbing and festivities.

The LARS/LAOS balls are always very popular and places are very sought after. You haven’t experienced student life if you haven’t attended a LARS/LAOS ball!


Inspector’s dinner

The Inspector’s dinner is another sitting to pay tribute to our dear Inspector. The inspector’s mission is to support the board and the association in running their business, maintaining traditions, lending horses for activities and singing at the top of our lungs when we toast. The inspector’s dinner usually also attracts old LARSers to Lund to attend the event, a perfect opportunity to connect old and new members. The sitting is always very cozy and is filled with singing, food and spex.