LARS hosts both internal club competitions and national competitions for other student riders in Sweden, and continuously sends teams to international competitions around the world. Regardless of the size of the competitions, they all go by the same theme: have fun and get to ride a bit at the same time!



The LARS-cup is organized twice a year, show jumping in spring and dressage in the fall, and is open for our members. These competitions are held at the local riding school LCR with their horses and are used as qualifications for the Swedish Student Championships.


The Swedish Student Championships (SM) 

The Swedish Student Championships is organized once a year and the various Swedish student rider clubs takes turns in hosting. Information about SAR (the Swedish Student Riding Association) and the other student rider clubs can be found here.


Student Riding Nations Cup (SRNC)

Through AIEC – World University Equestrian Federation - international student riding competitions are organized, the so-called Student Riding Nations Cup (SRNC). These include everything from serious competing to crazy student parties. Usually they are arranged about every two months and Sweden has sent participants to most of them during the last years. In order to participate, it is required that you are a member of one of Sweden's student rider clubs. The team is then picked based on a scoring system that prizes new participants and those who performed well in previous competitions. If you don’t want to compete, you can always go as a supporter.


So how does this work? 

All student riding competitions, except the LARS-cup, are team competitions. The team consists of three riders and is assigned three horses. The team may then choose who will ride which horse and sometimes the horses are drawn between the team members. The same horses are also ridden by two other riders. At team competitions, these are riders from other teams. The competitor with the best percentage/result on each horse goes on to the next round, alternatively wins.