LARS organizes both internal club competitions, national competitions for other student equestrian associations in Sweden and also continuously sends teams to major international competitions around the world. Regardless of the size of the competitions, they all come down to the same thing: to have fun and get to ride a little at the same time!



The LARS Cup is organized twice a year, jumping in the spring and dressage in the fall. The competitions are arranged at our partner club LCR with their and private horses. These cups serve as qualifiers for the Student-SM (see below) and the selections have the same structure as the Student-SM.

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Student SM


The Student SM is arranged once a year and the various Swedish student equestrian clubs take turns to be the organizer. Each club sends two teams, a dressage team and a jumping team, with three riders in each.

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International Competitions


Through AIEC – World University Equestrian Federation – international student equestrian competitions are also organized around the world. These are held over a weekend and include everything from serious competition to crazy student partying.

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