Become a member


To get involved in LARS is easily done and of course incredibly fun! Everybody is welcome!

The easiest way to get involved is to sign up for one of the memberships we are offering and then keep track of the newsletters where all of our activities will be announced. Today we offer two different types of memberships, depending on if you want to ride in the riding group or not.

  1. Membership with LCR 

Do you want to be able to ride in our riding group? Or maybe feel the urge to ride in our club championship or even represent LARS at Swedish student championship (SM)? Then you should absolutely sign up for a membership including LCR!

A membership including LCR demands that you are actively studying at a university or college in the Öresunds region. You should also have a membership in the Academic Association (i.e. enrolled at a given nation). And of course, have a membership in LCR!

Membership in Lunds Academic Riding Society

Our members pay the member fee one semester at a time, consequently you do not have to be an active member during the whole calendar year. The member fee at the time is 50 SEK/semester, which should be transferred to LARS bank account (53 95 87-6) AFTER you have completed our member form. (LÄNK)

Membership in our partner’s club; Lunds Civil Riding Association (LCR)

A membership in LCR costs 365 SEK per year. You can become a member by sending LCR an e-mail ( In the e-mail, state the following information about yourself:

  • Name.
  • Address.
  • Telephone number.
  • Social security number.
  • E-mail address for invoicing.
  • State that you are a student and a member in the Academic Association.

When LCR has recieved the information they will send you a bill regarding the member fee via e-mail. Read more about LCR’s membership at LCR’s website (LÄNK).

Membership in the Academic Association

You can apply for a membership through Studentlund;

Membership without LCR

Maybe you have your own horse with you here in Lund, yet you are eager to hang with other horse freaks!? Are you better at parties than at horseback riding? Are you more interested in international student riding competitions than national ones? Then you should apply for this membership!

A membership without LCR requires a membership in the Academic Association (i.e. enrolled at a nation). However, you can change your mind any minute and become a member in LCR, thus also being able to participate in our activities including horseback riding (e.g. riding group, LARS-cup and so on).